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Deconstructing NoSQL

White Paper Published By: DATAVERSITY
Published:  May 25, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  60 pages

This report examines the non-relational database environment from the viewpoints of those within the industry–whether current or future adopters, consultants, developers, business analysts, vendors, or others.

DATAVERSITY™ conducted a survey in early 2013, to better understand how enterprises are utilizing various NoSQL technologies. The survey focused on a range of issues, from current implementations of NoSQL to planned future adoptions, barriers to use, systems employed, and a lengthy assessment of other factors. An analysis of that survey is the core of this report.

This report will also include an introduction to NoSQL, an elucidation of each of the survey’s essential elements, a discussion of the hard statistics, and a deeper analysis of what the numbers mean, both to enterprises already using such technologies and to those considering them.

This paper is sponsored by: MarkLogic, Cloudant and Neo4j.

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