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Why NoSQL?

White Paper Published By: Couchbase
Published:  Dec 04, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

Interactive applications have changed dramatically over the last 15 years. In the late ‘90s,
large web companies emerged with dramatic increases in scale on many dimensions:
·         The number of concurrent users skyrocketed as applications increasingly became accessible
·         via the web (and later on mobile devices).
·         The amount of data collected and processed soared as it became easier and increasingly
·         valuable to capture all kinds of data.
·         The amount of unstructured or semi-structured data exploded and its use became integral
·         to the value and richness of applications.
Dealing with these issues was more and more difficult using relational database technology.
The key reason is that relational databases are essentially architected to run a single machine
and use a rigid, schema-based approach to modeling data.
Google, Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn were among the first companies to discover the serious
limitations of relational database technology for supporting these new application requirements.
Commercial alternatives didn’t exist, so they invented new data management approaches
themselves. Their pioneering work generated tremendous interest because a growing number of
companies faced similar problems. Open source NoSQL database projects formed to leverage the
work of the pioneers, and commercial companies associated with these projects soon followed.
Today, the use of NoSQL technology is rising rapidly among Internet companies and the
enterprise. It’s increasingly considered a viable alternative to relational databases, especially
as more organizations recognize that operating at scale is more effectively achieved running on
clusters of standard, commodity servers, and a schema-less data model is often a better approach
for handling the variety and type of data most often captured and processed today.

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