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Cloud Data Warehousing: Simple, Fast, Agile

White Paper Published By: Cloudant - an IBM Company
Cloudant - an IBM Company
Published:  Jun 01, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

Whether you're a DBA, data scientist or developer, you're probably considering how the cloud can help modernize your information management and analytics strategy. Cloud data warehousing can help you get more value from your data by combining the benefits of the cloud - speed, scale, and agility - with the simplicity and performance of traditional on-premises appliances.

This white paper explores how a cloud data warehouse like IBM dashDB can reduce costs and deliver new business insights. Readers will learn about:

- How data warehousing-as-a-service helps you scale without incurring extra costs

- The benefits of in-database analytics in a cloud data warehouse

- How a cloud data warehouse can integrate with the larger ecosystem of business intelligence tools, both on prem and off prem

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