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Insights into Modeling NoSQL

White Paper Published By: DATAVERSITY
Published:  Jul 06, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  36 pages

The growth of NoSQL data storage solutions have revolutionized the way enterprises are dealing with their data. The older, relational platforms are still being utilized by most organizations, while the implementation of varying NoSQL platforms including Key-Value, Wide Column, Document, Graph, and Hybrid data stores are increasing at faster rates than ever seen before. Such implementations are causing enterprises to revise their Data Management procedures across-the-board from governance to analytics, metadata management to software development, data modeling to regulation and compliance.

The time-honored techniques for data modeling are being rewritten, reworked, and modified in a multitude of different ways, often wholly dependent on the NoSQL platform under development.

The research report analyzes a 2015 DATAVERSITY® survey titled “Modeling NoSQL.” The survey examined a number of crucial issues within the NoSQL world today, with focus on data modeling in particular. Some of those issues discussed include:

  • Types of NoSQL data stores currently being used
  • Planned future implementations of NoSQL stores
  • Obstacles and challenges of NoSQL databases
  • How data modeling is now being accomplished
  • Educational issues and challenges with NoSQL
  • Who is doing the modeling with NoSQL solutions
  • Quality of NoSQL models and modeling techniques
  • Tools available for NoSQL Modeling
  • Desired functionalities for such tools

The report considers each topic through a discussion and analysis of each presented survey question, as well as a deeper examination of the present and future trends within the data modeling industry as a whole.

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